Let's Face It...

As a Direct Sales Professional you've got a ton on your plate! 
There's a business to run, a team to build & a family to manage back home.  Which means you need to answer questions like:
  • What should I do to build my Direct Sales Biz,
  • How do I fit those activities into my busy schedule, and
  • How can I recruit others to do the exact same thing?
Hi, Deb Doughty & Brian Hilliard here, and we believe our collective background gives us a unique perspective on addressing those issues.
Deb Doughty is a Business Success & Personal Empowerment Coach who spent 20+ yrs as a Direct Sales Professional.
Deb became a Sales Director (a level held by less than 2% of the company) and “drove for free” for over 16 years!
Brian Hilliard is a Popular Speaker, Coach & Author of the best-selling book Networking Like a Pro & has appeared nationally in Black Enterprise & the Martha Zoller Morning Show.
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Contributing Authors Include Direct Sales Leaders Around the Country

“Written in a way that is easy to read and understand, both Deb and Brian speak from the heart about Direct Sales and what it takes to be successful. 

With a punch of humor and empathy, they give actionable steps that are useful and encouraging to help any Direct Sales Professional - full or 'part time' - feel confident about growing their business and their Team...without killing themselves in the process!"


Alicia Betancourt
Raleigh, NC

              Winning in Direct Sales
        20 Tips to Build Your Biz & Grow Your Team...
                 w/o killing yourself in the process!

We will teach you:

         - 4 Essential ingredients for identifying your next superstar recruit,

         - How to get more business, even when you’re working part-time,

         - 3 Simple steps for getting the work / family life balance you deserve,

         - How the 12 x 12 x 12 Rule can help manage the perception others have of you.  

So whether you’re in Direct Sales "part-time", looking to earn a little extra income, or working the business full time and looking to get to the next level, Winning in Direct Sales gives a roadmap for getting it done…w/o killing yourself in the process!

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A Word from the Authors
Deb Doughty & Brian Hilliard

Sometimes people ask us why we wrote this book, and the answer is simple:

To provide a blueprint that can help Busy Direct Sales Professionals build their business and their Team...and still keep their sanity in the process!

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